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In a bowl or large jar, mix 20g of chia seeds with 100g of vegetable milk and the mixed blackberries. Cover and set aside in the refrigerator Overnight.

3 Must-try Peruvian Superfoods


By now you’ve probably come across the big-name Peruvian superfoods like quinoa or maca. But today we’re sharing three superstar superfoods native to Peru that might be new to you

Social Responsibility in Switzerland

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In the cacao and chocolate world, social responsibility has become a bit of a buzzword. You’ll likely find many chocolate and cacao companies running initiatives to empower the farming communities in the countries where their products are grown.

The Magic of Cacao

cacao fresh nibs

At Bio Inka we believe in the magic and power of cacao. That’s one of the reasons we make premium cacao nibs! But why is cacao so good for you and what does Bio Inka do to make sure our premium cacao nibs are of the highest possible quality and nutritional value?


2023. © Bio Inka, All rights reserved.


2023. © Bio Inka, All rights reserved.