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Frequently asked questions


Cacao is the name of the Theobroma cacao tree and its nutritious beans. When you roast the beans you get cocoa. While this process can improve the flavour, it also reduces the nutritional value. To deliver more of cacao’s incredible nutritional value to you, Bio·Inka’s cacao nibs are made from raw cacao beans, which are fermented, dried, and covered in a delicious superfood chocolate coating.

No! We only use organic, unrefined sugar. It’s artisanally extracted from sugarcane grown at high altitudes without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

Yes. We’re proud to use traditional organic farming methods and a natural fertilizer called guano. Our cacao is of the criollo variety, which thrives in an organic plantation environment where the different indigenous plants of the Peruvian Amazon support each other.


Think of it as a stamp of extremely consistent quality and flavor. Simply put, it means that the cacao we use for Bio·Inka products comes from one single region in Peru.

It means going one step further than fair trade. Direct trade is designed to pick up where fair trade left off: to go above and beyond in ensuring the quality of not only the product but also the treatment of workers at every step of production. At Bio·Inka, we cut out all intermediaries so more of the profit stays with the farmers.

We’re smart about how we grow and transport our products to keep our transportation carbon emissions to a minimum. All of our ingredients are imported in bulk directly to our packaging partner Pro Genève in Switzerland.


We currently ship to Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Here on our site! Alternatively, you can find our products in the following stores in Switzerland: Migros (Balexert, Portes de NYON et Vibert, Carouge), Carrasso Café (Rive Gauche, Rive Droite), Ferdinand Café , Le Marché de la Plaine du Loup (Bernex) , Luma Coffee (Eaux-Vives), Betjeman and Barton (Carouge).


For professionals we sell certain of our products in bulk. For more information, please send us an email.


2023. © Bio Inka, All rights reserved.


2023. © Bio Inka, All rights reserved.