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Social Responsibility in Switzerland

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In the cacao and chocolate world, social responsibility has become a bit of a buzzword. You’ll likely find many chocolate and cacao companies running initiatives to empower the farming communities in the countries where their products are grown. But did you know that when you purchase Bio Inka products, not only are you empowering the farming communities in Peru but you are also helping to make a difference in the lives of people closer to home in Switzerland? Read on to find out how.

Bio Inka’s commitment to giving back

Since day one, we knew we wanted to contribute to our two local communities in Peru and Switzerland. Why? Because we really believe in giving back as it aligns to our values and our desire to make the world a better place. Here’s what we do in Switzerland, where our lucky customers tuck into our delicious cacao nibs and superfood powders.

Making a difference closer to home

Once our organic cacao beans and superfoods arrive in Switzerland, there’s only one company we trust to take care of the quality control and packaging: Pro Genève. These Swiss packaging experts, who have worked with well-known brands from various sectors for decades, take care of inspecting the goods for any visible damage or deterioration upon arrival. Having strict quality control as close to the customer as possible means we can ensure Swiss quality of our products.

But, more importantly, we partner with Pro Genève because of their commitment to employing people with disabilities or social difficulties, a cause that aligns with Bio Inka’s values. It’s important for us as a business to contribute to society so we made a social commitment to work with an association that employs people who might normally face multiple challenges and hurdles when seeking employment. We believe that by helping people in need, you help create a fairer community and, in turn, a fairer world.

So, next time you tuck into our superfood snacks, know that you’re part of a ripple effect of positive change both in Peru and Switzerland. Check out our products in our shop and get yours now!


2023. © Bio Inka, All rights reserved.


2023. © Bio Inka, All rights reserved.