Data we collect

We do not collect any personal information from users of this website unless they place an order or request information. In those cases, only the personal information voluntarily entered by the visitor is stored. We do not use tracking cookies or similar techniques.


A temporary cookie, unique to your browser, is used for storing shopping carts for the duration of each visit. This cookie is automatically destroyed when the browser is closed.

The hosting provider may also use cookies for technical purposes, like making sure a visitor’s browser always connects to the same server when traffic is split between several servers. Such technical cookies may also be used to prevent attacks on the server infrastructure by detecting unusual activity coming from malicious programs rather than human visitors.

None of these cookies contain any information that makes you identifiable.

Data security

All information you enter is stored on servers in Switzerland or the European Union. Payments are handled by Stripe Inc., to whom we transmit your email address, the list of items you are purchasing, and their prices. Credit card information entered through the payment form goes directly to Stripe; we do not have access to this data. Stripe’s privacy statement is available here. here

Any information transmitted between your browser, this website, and the payment platform operated by Stripe Inc. is encrypted before being transmitted.